How not to Tourist in Machu Picchu

the mystery of machu picchu.jpg
The Mystery of Machu Picchu: a terrified Kuzco travels to the mysterious abandoned city only to discover it’s a theme park.

Beyond being considered Peru’s biggest tourism draw card, ‘The Lost City of the Incas’ is a world heritage site, the 5th wonder of the world and the most common image in a Google Image search for ‘Peru’.

No 5th wonder it’s a big deal

To paraphrase all 9,000 glowing TripAdvisor 5-star reviews:

  • It’s magical
  • Breathtaking
  • So historical

Yeah we know. How many people have had the same experience? At least 9000 of them. So ask yourself: Do you want to be another ‘happy tourist‘ adding to the masses of perfect reviews or do you want to create unique memories of a real traveller?

Step 1: Go when it’s really busy

Make sure you’re there anytime between 10am and 2pm from June through August. There’s nothing better than taking a photo and having 5 selfie sticks and a crowd of people cover the scenery.

Step 2: Don’t walk anywhere

Why would you walk when you could take a train that might not even run due to strikes and costs heaps of money? You won’t be tired and you can sit around wherever the transport drops you off until it’s time to go back again. #economical

Step 3: Actually ignore my first step

Yeah that’s right, I decided to read a real travel guide and they suggested to get there early for the sunrise. Of course it will probably be foggy, but who wanted to see the sunrise anyway?

Just look at that sun rise. Courtesy of Trip Advisor

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